Why Blog?

Why do I blog? But most importantly, why do I write? I remember sharing one blog article to my boss, and she imparted me these words of wisdom, “The fundamental reason for writing is to be understood. Not for show, not for validation, not for glory, though they could be surprise byproducts.”

Perhaps my main reason for writing it to be able to understand my own thoughts. There is something very liberating about being able to organize and structure one’s thoughts into words, string them into phrases and sentences, and turn them into paragraphs that make sense. And then, there is the desire to communicate one’s thoughts to other people. In turn, what is communicated are ideas that would hopefully make other people think and reflect, maybe conform to or challenge the readers’ own beliefs.

Quarterlife.ph is not my very first blog. I’ve had several blogs since I was in college, and most of them were very personal in nature. I’d write about my day, about things I do, about my thought about random things in the world. I have a blog where I post the poetry I used to write, although I haven’t been with my poetry muses for quite some time. I’ve been on xanga, multiply, and blogspot. I don’t close them down, save for a few that were not so important. There are times that I have already forgotten that they ever existed, until I explore and find them again, and read back on my history. They are very pretty interesting reads. I went through some articles I’ve written a few years ago, and some of them makes enough sense to repost in this blog.

I am not sure if the things I write actually move my readers. But I am trying. I am communicating. I don’t have the widest audience yet, but I now try to make the best of the time that you take reading these articles. It’s beyond I, me, mine now. I’ve finally gone beyond just narrating things to really thinking through the things that happen around me.

I will really appreciate your questions, comments, and suggestions. You can send them to me through: alvdavid@quarterlife.ph.

2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Liked your thoughts on why you write. It is the same for me too, the longing to be understood and understand myself in the process. Keep writing! Looking forward to read more..

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