More Poetry

I did not plan or intend to have one after the other… it just happened. Seems like my poetry muses came home with me and stayed a bit longer. I also encountered an inspiration that gave that motivation to write. There are words we wish we could say directly, thoughts we wish we could convey, but sometimes we can only muster to do so through songs or poetry…

Could it be,
that you and I are one and the same
before the beginning of time?
Or are you just a shooting star passing by my system,
a beautiful tangent of our lives meeting at least once,
but perhaps never to meet again?

Should it matter now?
All I know is that you’ve made my heart smile
and skip a bit even for just a short while.

And though I can wish so hard that our universe unite,
my wish will only dissolve
as a soft whisper into the vastness of space…

Yet forever frozen in memory,
that shared time and being,
you and I.



I haven’t been with my poetry muses for quite some time, but I did have a visit lately while I was aboard a plane. I just had to write down the words that flowed out…


Flying in the purgatory of the night sky
There are stars below me, and stars on high
And not quite do I comprehend why
The farther one is from me
The less its significance seem to be
Yet billions of light years away
A thousand times brighter than the sun
Those stars seem to shine through
And no matter how distant I am from earth
Things remain what they are made of

Come to think of it, from stardust we are made
Remnants of those old explosions of long-forgotten stars
Same soup from which the universe is made
So far apart and yet the same
Beauty, magic, and wonder combined