The Next Great Train Ride

In keeping up with my old post comparing career paths to a series of train rides, I shall write again about my next big career “adventure” in the same line…

I’m jumping onto a different train again. A grander one. Possibly the one that I have been waiting to catch for quite some time.

Soafter I’ve made myself comfortable in my most recent train for an entire year, it’s time to get off and move to the next one again. Despite the meager comforts of the recent train, it has challenged and improved me both professionally and personally. I have worked well and learned much in such short time that I spent there. I have met new people, have become well acquainted with a number of them. I have also encountered some “difficult” individuals that I never knew even existed, and was able to properly deal with them.

This time, the transition from one train to the next was quite unexpected but wholeheartedly welcomed, somehow abrupt and immediate. I did not need to wait for the next train, nor did it wait for me. I had to jump on it as soon as I can, my feet barely touching the platform.

I don’t know what to expect at this point. There’s mixture of both excitement and nervousness for all of the unknown. I’ll start discovering what this new opportunity has in store for me soon. I’ve heard this one moves at quite a fast pace, and I have to adapt quickly and be at my best to stay balanced and keep up with the pace. But I’m quite optimistic that this will take me places and possibly take me faster and farther than I can imagine. A move from a rickety steam train to a bullet train perhaps?

Wish me luck.

Friday Madness – Daydream Sequence

A very interesting ending to a very long week and a very long last workday. I rarely write about nonsensical personal experiences, but tonight I shall make an exception just for kicks.

Went home from work via my usual route – a walk to the MRT station, a “long” MRT ride, a shuttle ride to our subdivision, and a short walk home. For tonight, my entire trip was made by my self, with company from my beloved music player and headphones. Adele was tonight’s my music of choice.

Adele, my lonesome, and the busy train. What a crazy, interesting combination. My daydream-y self kicks in again. I could vividly imagine myself singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” loudly in the train, with feelings. Well, not just with feelings, but a complete production number, like those scenes you see on Glee. And the strangers in the crowd were the doo-wop to my song. Read back from the start of this paragraph slowly and imagine it in your head.

Of course, it does not end there. The entire commute still included the shuttle ride and a short walk from our village gate to the house. Adele kept on playing. I found it quite hard keeping myself from actually singing out loud and grooving to the songs.

Okay, enough of the nonsense. I hope you were at the very least amused or entertained, hopefully not appalled or nauseous. Pardon my occasional craziness. :p

Life, the train ride

Living life is like traveling on train. You take a train to get you from where you are to where you want to be. You wait at the right station, on the right platform, for the right train to come around.

But it’s not as simple as just riding a train from end to end. You need to know when it’s time to get off. If you do too early or too late, you’ll end up in the wrong station and may not be able to immediately transfer to the next train that will take you closer to your destination. Sometimes, if you stay on a train for far too long, it will take you back to where you started.

I may have stayed on in my last train a bit too long. Maybe I got too comfortable and too used to it, that I failed to get off at the right stop. Now I’m waiting at a station wondering which train to ride to get me back on the right track. It may take some time, and maybe some additional train rides, but I know I’ll be able to figure it out soon.

Also, notice those people in the train with you? Most of them did not come from where you came from, and are not heading to the same destination as you. Don’t compare your travel to them, don’t make any of them a benchmark. Strike a conversation with them if you wish, but do not let yourself get attached too much. Don’t you ever let them make you forget where you intend to go.

Nonetheless, no matter how far you plan to travel, or how many trains you need to ride, just remember to enjoy the ride.

After years of listening to songs and watching movies about trains and train rides, I finally experienced and realized the real train system in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s not as simple as the usual metro rail or light rail systems I’ve seen so far. Perhaps it would be more interesting to see and explore the train systems in Europe. 🙂