Let your heart run wild (poem)

Let your heart run wild
Allow it to love
The way it wants to love
Let it feel
What it feels
No right or wrong
No future, no past
Just the burn of the now

Let your heart run wild
Allow it to love
Who it wants to love
Let it desire
Who it desires
No possible or impossible
No expectations, no commitments
Just the fire for the one

Let your heart run wild
Allow it to love
When it wants to love
Don’t hinder or supress
Do not reason
Do not analyse
Do not assess
Just let your heart beat when it wants


The art of poetry and forgotten feelings

It sometimes surprises me when I look back at the poetry I’ve written many years ago, and even those I just wrote a few months ago. I have this tendency to write poetry well when I am overcome with emotions, usually of the romantic kind, and most often due to unquenched longing, heartache, and rejection. Break my heart and I will find fuel to string words into poetry.

What surprises me the most is that many years after, the poetry still sound beautiful to me but the emotions that drove me to write them have disappeared completely. Sometimes the titles or the way they were written still remind me of who they are written for and why, but I have completely forgotten the feelings. At times I even completely forget who they were for. The bliss of the forgetful.

I am very optimistic that somehow I will soon forget about him. It has happened before, and I am capable of it I’m sure. He’s not even really worth the time and attention. And truly, he wasn’t worth the poetry.

P.S. The poem in the last post was because of him (whoever he is)

Silence (Poetry)

I have no song for you
Even poetry is hard to do
You appeared out of nowhere
But never really stayed
Never entered my life
But pulled me out of it
Lead me in to the deep end
Let me drown
And left me for dead

I have no song for you
Never really let me love you
And pretended that you cared
I was blind and misled
A willing victim for a while
Until you left me
High and dry
A pocket full of sorrow
A dream that somehow died

How can I sing about you
When I don’t even know
How to feel about you?
I know for sure
I never loved you
But I don’t know,
Why do I keep holding on
To an illusion
That was pure nothingness from the start?

Tula paminsan-minsan: Ang tula ng ngayon

Itigil na
Ang mga guni-guning
Bumubuyo sa isipan
Pigilan ang damdaming
Walang patutunguhan
Kaunti lang ang oras,
Ang ngayon ay makapangyarihan
Ang bukas, ‘di siguradong masisilayan

Huwag nang isipin
Ang mga bagay na walang kabuluhan
Sayang ang oras
Ipikit ang mga mata’t
Burahin sa iyong isipan
Ang buhay mo’y iyo
At hindi kanino man

Itigil na’ng
Pag gising sa araw-araw
Na iisa ang laman ng isipan
Kung ‘di mangyayari
Na puso niya’y ikaw ang laman
Isa lang ang nararapat na gawin –
Siya ay tuluyan nang kalimutan

Untitled (A Throwback Thursday Poetry)

Learn the rhymes of my heart,
the measure to which no breadth or height compares,
words which speak nonsense.

Do not analyze,
do not try to comprehend —
love is not math: definite, precise.

Dream, instead;
float away in the raging madness,
a river who knows nothing but passion.

Be naked from reason
encapsulated in nothing but your senses;
unrated love, pure at earth’s birth.

Allow me to be free,
love unjudged, in shades of gray;
existence in itself — pure insanity.



Here’s my English translation to the Tagalog/Filipino poetry I posted back in September 2013


Come, rain
And pour over
This parched soil
Of my heart that thirst

for your kisses and embraces
That I have not felt for so long
And have almost forgotten

Where are you?
Why have you left me alone for so long?
I long for your drops
And hope to taste them again

My love,
Come back
And revive these feelings
That continue to sleep

Halika, ulan,
At bumuhos ka
Sa tigang na lupa
Ng puso kong uhaw

Ng mga yapos mo’t yakap
Na matagal nang ‘di nadama
At kagyat nang malimutan

Nahan ka?
Bakit kay tagal iniwan?
Tikatik mo’y inaasam
At sana’y muling matikman

Magbalik kang muli
At buhayin ang damdaming
Nananatiling naiidlip


“Slumber” – Throwback Thursday Poetry

To slumber
To rest my body on feathery quilts
To cease my beating heart
To journey into the unknown, a dreamy beauty
To rest awhile from the maddening world
To realize insanity

To rest my heart from an emotional marathon
To cease awhile from loving in vain
To journey with him who loves me in dreams
To realize beauty
To dream reality
To be what I am, until tomorrow’s morning comes

To slumber
To love and love again
To dream dreams
To realize reality
To be restful
To be at peace