Always Somewhere

Wherever you are, it’s always good to remember one thing – you are not somewhere else. You can only be in one place at any specific time. It’s good to acknowledge where you are at the moment. You can always try to compare, but not one place is above another. There is always the good and the bad. Sometimes we get to choose where we stay long term, but most often than not, we are helpless and we just remain where we can.

It shouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. We should never feel stuck where we are. We should learn to appreciate what is available to us wherever we are. Eat what’s available around. Drink the local sodas and beers. Visit the parks, beaches, and museums around. Go bar hopping. Whatever activity your heart desires, if you find it available where you are, then go for it. If not, then find something else to do.

We usually tend to not maximise or take advantage of experiencing what is available in our locality. I know of a lot of people who don’t really go around unless they have some visitors to take around. On the other hand, they spend so much to travel elsewhere and explore other places, when they haven’t really explored their own city or country. Even I am guilty of this. Would be great to do otherwise though.

I’m doing whatever I can here in Australia. Mostly I’m at the mercy of my family, and my schedule completely depends on them. But I do try to experience what I can with each trip and tour that we take. Still midway through my trip now, and still looking forward to the next few days of experiencing things Aussie.

After my trip, I’ll go back to my beloved Manila. Maybe I’ll spend more time exploring my own “backyard” from then on, even go shopping in the usual malls and flea markets. I will find time to visit the museums that I’ve never visited before. I’ll spend time in parks. There is no need to travel abroad elsewhere to do all these.

How well have you explored and experienced your own cities or countries?

This is the moment

There will never be any other moment such as this. This reality finally hit me hard. I should’ve realized this long before, and now that I know it, I should never ever forget it. Like the same river that flows will never be exactly as it was before, each and every moment in our life is just one moment in itself, and will probably never ever happen again. That’s why we should always enjoy and appreciate every moment that we’ve got.

Here’s a 3-br flat in the tallest residential building in Gold Coast. It’s a wonderful flat, in a wonderful place, and I am having a wonderful time on holiday with my family. I’ve been in Australia for a week now, and I’ve seen so many new places and a lot of new things. But something really is so wonderful about this place, Gold Coast.

I might not have a chance to go back here. If I do, I may not be with the same people. I will most probably not be able to stay in this flat again next time. I will never be able to recreate this moment, so I’m trying to take in and absorb everything right now – the sights, the environment, and the experiences. I will stop thinking that I’ll be able to do something another time, but I’ll just enjoy what I’m able to do. I’ll live in the moment.

I’m so drawn and enamored by this place though, and a certain part of me wants to live here. I don’t really know, maybe there’s a chance later on, anything is possible. But I’ll put that off for another day. I’ll just enjoy my vacation for now.

Each and every other moment may not be as special as this, but nonetheless they are uniquely their own moment. We should learn to appreciate the good and the bad in each moment – enjoy the good to the fullest, and learn and be humbled from the bad. Beyond this, it would ever be just a memory and nothing else, and whatever has happened, there is no way to go back and change things.

Be in the moment. It’s the only chance you’ve got.

Wicker Park Ending

The most memorable movie scene for me is the ending sequence of Wicker Park. Have you seen it? Have you ever watched it?

[Spoiler alert, proceed with caution] In summary, Wicker Park was a semi-tragic love story about a man, Matthew, separated from his love, Lisa, when she suddenly disappears without a word. After two years, he sees and tries to follow a girl who he thinks is Lisa, but ends up finding with another girl by the same name. Unknowingly, it was the second Lisa (or rather, pretending to have her name) that was the reason why Matthew never found out what happened to the real Lisa two years ago. It was a complicated love triangle.

Straight to the last scene. I love the last scene. After two years that they haven’t seen each other, and Matthew believes that he has somehow seen her again in the area and believes that she is around. The second “Lisa” still tried her best to prevent them from finding each other. Finally, Matthew and the real Lisa find each other at the airport, and time stops for them while the rest of the world goes on around them. It was the most tender and heartfelt movie moment I have ever seen. Add to that the perfect soundtrack – The Scientist, by Coldplay. I can never do justice to the scene with my mere words, so better if you go find it out for yourselves.