Sweet Forgetfulness

I’ve experienced a number of major disappointments and heartaches in the past — note that these are plural, and mind that these may have happened together or separately. I’ve learned a lot from all the negative things that I’ve been through in the relatively short 20+ years of my life. Although lessons must be remembered and the learnings embedded in my very being, I’ve realised the power of letting go and forgetting – especially forgetting all the negative things. Sometimes along with the negative, you forget some of the non-negative things.

Its wonderful to learn to forget. Maybe in a way, we also come to forgive. When we forget the bad memories, we also come to forget the hurt, the pain, and the hate.

Though we forget, there are some things we shall never ever go back to, and lessons we should never ever let go of. There are things that can never be fixed. There are some offenses that are far too irreversible. There are relationships that are much better off as non-relationships.

And yes, I have forgotten somehow… It’s been such a long time since. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Sweet forgetfulness.