I am not quite there yet

Every time I go on Facebook, I find around 50% of my friends’ posts are about their babies/kids and/or husbands/wives, and a lot of these coming from my own generation. I can barely relate to most of this now. I’m not quite there yet. There is no boyfriend or husband-to-be, and no babies-in-the-making for the next few. I am honestly enjoying my awesome single life, and a family life is very far from my mind right now.

Am I out of place? I do hope not. I know of a lot of other friends still in the same stage as I, but possibly we’re just being out-posted by those with lovely babies and hubbies/wives. What interesting things can single, child-less people like me contribute to the social media circle? Perhaps a narrative of travels and adventures, but I don’t think its manageable to do that every day. Maybe I can post about food, movies, books, yoga, an what-nots. But for some reason, I know it will all be trumped by the cuteness of all those babies and sweetness of all those lovely partners.

It’s all good. It’s lovely to see all those, and I’m not complaining. I don’t feel envy, I just feel different. I’m still far from being in a similar situation, and I really don’t know how it feels to be starting one’s own family. I still feel so normal and comfortable with who I am and what I have right now, and yet I seem to be approaching and going after very different things compared to most people from my own generation. I hope I don’t seem weird or immature. But this is my reality, and my reality is different. I’ll live with what I have.

Hello Twitter

After years of resisting the popular trend of getting into Twitter, I finally went on-board last night. Boo.

Well, I had my reasons for not joining Twitter for the longest time. I already was on Facebook, I had a Multiply page I have already semi-abandoned, and I also have my “secret” Tumblr account. And then, I have this blog. My online social life was already complete with just those three. I also knew how much of a blabbermouth I am in real life, and I don’t want it to translate online. I don’t want the “access” to be able to post just random stuff for everyone to see. Anyway, there’s my facebook for that, which I limit to just friends and family, and so far I am also able to control what I post there.

The only thing that prompted me to get a twitter account is the fact that news seem to be way faster on Twitter than anywhere else in the cyber world. Since being able to get back on a faster iPhone, I read news every night just before bed. Most of the news apps I use also had the twitter posts and accounts of the network and their newscasters / reporters. I noticed how much faster and how very real-time their posts are.

Well, there, I already gave in. But I don’t see myself posting much on my twitter, except probably links to this blog of mine. I’ll probably be much more of a lurker on Twitter, and save most of my personal stuff on Facebook. 🙂