Sleeping Like Fish

Today I was able to try another means of transportation going to my office in Makati in the morning. Everything was well and good, except for the two persons who were both sleeping so awkwardly on my left and my right side. The one on my left side had her head back and her neck hyper-extended, and had her mouth wide open the entire trip. The one on my left had her head on an awkward tilt forward, occasionally “headbanging” or jerking between positions, all her hair falling in front of her and all over my right arm/shoulder.

Well, it really is a challenge sleeping in a vehicle full of people. But for some reason, I have learned how to sleep in public transportation with a little more class. I can even do it in MRT if I am lucky get a seat, or sometimes even standing up as long as I have a good handrail to hold on to. It’s somewhat a type of semi-sleep or half-sleep. I close my eyes, and just bow my head a little forward. Like a floating, sleeping fish.

Ever since I was a kid I have wondered how fish slept. How can they sleep while staying afloat? Or do they sleep at all? Science says that some fish sleep with half a brain still awake to keep them balanced or floating in water.

I have discovered too, that fish indeed sleep, when I find our koi fish in the pond sleeping at night. When I see our kois late at night, they’re all lined-up perpendicularly “parked” beside each other, and not swimming, just floating.

So, fish can sleep without a bed, just lined up and floating, with just a part of their brain still active to keep their position in check. I have learned to do something similar when sleeping in public transportation. Sleeping like fish. It’s so useful for catching some zzz’s during travel lull times.

Friday Madness – Daydream Sequence

A very interesting ending to a very long week and a very long last workday. I rarely write about nonsensical personal experiences, but tonight I shall make an exception just for kicks.

Went home from work via my usual route – a walk to the MRT station, a “long” MRT ride, a shuttle ride to our subdivision, and a short walk home. For tonight, my entire trip was made by my self, with company from my beloved music player and headphones. Adele was tonight’s my music of choice.

Adele, my lonesome, and the busy train. What a crazy, interesting combination. My daydream-y self kicks in again. I could vividly imagine myself singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” loudly in the train, with feelings. Well, not just with feelings, but a complete production number, like those scenes you see on Glee. And the strangers in the crowd were the doo-wop to my song. Read back from the start of this paragraph slowly and imagine it in your head.

Of course, it does not end there. The entire commute still included the shuttle ride and a short walk from our village gate to the house. Adele kept on playing. I found it quite hard keeping myself from actually singing out loud and grooving to the songs.

Okay, enough of the nonsense. I hope you were at the very least amused or entertained, hopefully not appalled or nauseous. Pardon my occasional craziness. :p

Feels like High School all over again

Almost one month into my new job now, and it’s been a challenge in all aspects. Well, aside from the standard “new work, new environment, new responsibilities” challenge, I am also on my toes struggling to make a lifestyle adjustment. My life this past month has been a lot like high school all over again… simply BECAUSE I have to wake up at 5AM and leave the house before 6AM each and every workday. I didn’t need to wake up and get ready that early each and every day for the last 12 years of my life. While in the university, I was free to choose my schedule, and I swore off 7AM classes after just having them twice a week for two semesters. When I started working, I didn’t have to wake up that early, since work started at 8AM or 9AM, and I hitched a ride to work during my first year and brought a car for the next few.

The entire game has changed this time. Everyday I have to commute to Makati, and the best way to do that is to take the same ride that my sister takes from the house to the northern end of the MRT, where she needs to catch a company shuttle at 630AM. If I don’t take that same ride to MRT, my travel would be a lot more difficult, or I will have a problem with arriving at work on time. I am not considering bringing a car again because of the traffic, and the expensive fuel prices and parking fees. Hence, the best choice was really to sacrifice that early morning comfort to wake up and get ready to leave very early in the morning.

It feels like High School again, only a lot more challenging:

  • in high school, I didn’t have to put on make up and set my hair, and choose what to wear early in the morning
  • in high school, my dad was still willing to wake me up several times to make sure I get out of bed early enough
  • in high school, I took a schoolbus and didn’t have to take the MRT or walk the busy streets of Makati to go to work
  • in high school, I could sleep in the vehicle all the way from my house to the school, and I could sleep in between my classes (and sometimes even during class hours)

I am definitely not a morning person. If I could choose a life to live, I would prefer one that would allow me to wake up at 10AM every day and accomplish everything that I needed to do. But I live my life the way I need to live it right now, and that’s by waking up early every day. I do hope that it grows on me eventually. Perhaps after doing this every day for a few months, I might be able to find myself automatically waking up and eventually having much more energy in the morning than I do now. I do hope and pray that this may soon come true, and that mornings won’t be as much a sacrifice or burden as it is now.

Well, that’s the semi-shallow part of my new work. Work itself is interesting, challenging, and inspiring, and it started on the fast track just on the first week… but that’s another story. 🙂

Back to (a different kind of) normal

My life is back to normal. At least, it’s an entirely different kind of normal from the normal I’ve been used to for the past few years.

I’ve somehow chosen a different kind of life to live now. I’ve given up the luxury of driving to and from work five days a week. Gone is the 1.5++ hour drive (one-way) to and from work, and the thousands of pesos spent monthly on gasoline charges and other car maintenance expenses. I am back on the daily commute. I’m back to working in my comfort zone, my timezone. It’s about two-thirds of the distance I used to travel every day. My new work is a short walk from the MRT station. I take the MRT everyday now, going to work in the morning and coming home in the evening. I then take a shuttle after MRT in the evening, and take a leisurely walk (under the stars) from the village gate on my way home.

I try to pack my lunch everyday too. I make myself a yummy sandwich, enough to fill me at lunch. When I don’t get to pack my lunch, I buy a sandwich at a nearby convenience store. It costs a lot less than what I used to eat for lunch, and has a lot less calories too.

Work is both something old and new. I’m starting to get into the groove again. The project I’m doing now is pretty interesting and challenging, enough to give me just the right push to give my best, as I always would like to do with whatever I do.

My personal life is also warming up too. No lovelife yet, though. I’m just loving the time I have on my hands to write blogs, do errands, read books, study/review on some topics and interests, pamper myself, relax and meditate, and opportunities to do many other things.

There’s just something that feels really nice about the new kind of normal. There are less expenses, less calories, more walks and physical activities, more time to just look around and observe the real world, and more time to be me again. I guess I really needed this change.

A better me everyday, that’s the goal. Sometimes it happens in small moments, in baby steps. Sometimes it happens with long strides, or with some jumps. This time, it was a leap for me again. I’ve landed, and am back on the ground, but this is an entirely different land already. Time to continue walking.