‘Tis the season (to be jolly)

This past weekend officially marks the start of the Christmas season of 2012 for me. For some, Christmas season starts as early as the -ber months come in (yes, as early as Christmas in September). In the Catholic church, preparation for Christmas starts with Advent, the four Sundays before Christmas days, and that comes next weekend. For our family, it usually starts when December comes in, but this time around it’s just a week earlier. There’s some gathering tonight, I guess, and the house had to be ready with its Christmas vibe.

Ergo, we decorated the house the past two days. Dad bought some nice parols (fancy local Christmas lanterns) from Pampanga and hung them outside the house. The belen (miniature nativity scene) is already set on top of the piano in the living room. Two Christmas trees are now up and fully decorated inside the house, one of them I decorated myself. And, in keeping up with my personal “tradition”, I set the Christmas music up loud while I was working on the Christmas tree, to properly set the mood.

Christmas season also brings with it some of my favorite things, including the super-special family secret recipe fruit salad, which we traditionally only prepare and eat during this season. I finally had the reason to prepare a batch of it again. The first batch of fruit salad for this year’s Christmas season! Yum. The guests will have the pleasure of eating it later. I’ll have the license to make a few more batches of it from now until New Year.

And, the chilly evening and early morning breeze is back. Sets the mood pretty well for the season.

Come to think of it, there’s just 30 days before Christmas Day. This year is perhaps my poorest Christmas in terms of actual personal finances (I’m already financially challenged even before the season started). After years, I still have no love-life this Christmas. But no matter what, I know that Christmases would always be beautiful, and I am always blessed to have loving family and friends.

It’s all good…

It’s a wonderful week. My bestfriend just gave birth to her first baby, a healthy baby girl. A close friend and his wife are now pregnant with their first child. My first week at my new work just started. Seems like it’s a beautiful week of new beginnings, indeed. Perhaps it’s a good sign. The universe is telling me that there’s that beautiful future waiting ahead, and maybe I’m already headed in the right direction.

And, Christmas is just around the corner. I could already feel the cool evening breeze while I was walking home. It’s just 38 days to go.

2012 is my year. I have claimed this perhaps for the last 5 years of my life. Although I know it’s an impossibility to have 12/12/12 as my wedding day (12 is my favorite number, but there’s no one to marry yet), and things have not been all bright and shiny this year, I still claim 2012 to be my year. I still got around 44 days to go to make it count.

Dear universe, please keep conspiring. I think we’re getting there, where we ought to be.