List 33

I just had to do one for my annual birthday post, albeit belated.

33 things that have happened to me in the last 12 months (in no particular order)…

  1. Toured my grandmother around Sydney.
  2. Got an Apple Watch.
  3. Went back to visit the Philippines 3 times.
  4. Attended two weddings in two countries in the same weekend. In the same dress, shoes, and makeup.
  5. Had half of my thyroid removed.
  6. Discovered Tokyo.
  7. Watched Adele in concert.
  8. Watched Coldplay in concert.
  9. Watched Lea Salonga live at the Sydney Opera House.
  10. Started an online business.
  11. Traveled to a far-away place in Australia (Mount Gambier).
  12. Drove around Sydney (up to the western suburbs and hunter valley).
  13. Explored new places around NSW.
  14. Developed great friendships and found my social circle in Sydney.
  15. Realised that my good friends in other parts of the world are there for me anytime I need them.
  16. Met up with old friends visiting Sydney.
  17. Met up with friends and former colleagues while on vacation in the Philippines.
  18. Wine tasting, wine tasting, and more wine tasting…
  19. Learned the basics of contouring.
  20. Made pizza from scratch.
  21. Discovered new restaurants, cafes, and bars in Sydney.
  22. Went to dance classes.
  23. Gained weight.
  24. Lost weight.
  25. Bought a telescope.
  26. Donated blood.
  27. Got my work contract extended N-times.
  28. Dated more than ten guys (separately, of course).
  29. Dated guys of different nationalities (separately too).
  30. Dated someone for more than a month.
  31. Fell in love.
  32. Had my heart broken.
  33. Moved on.

I am a work in progress

Today I am 28. I am and I will always be a work in progress. I continue to aim to be my best self. I aim not for perfection, but rather, to extend myself as far as I can go, as high as I can be, and give the most of myself without losing myself.

Success is the journey, not the destination. This is how I defined success when my boss asked casually one day. Success is not a target that we keep striving for from a distance. Rather, we should measure success by how we are able to maximize/optimize each moment/opportunity in terms of what we learn from it, how much happiness it gives us, and how much we are able to contribute through it.

I am a work in progress and I make it a point to keep on learning. I try to learn from everything I can – from experiences, from my interactions with those around me, from news and research, from work, and from self-education through books, readings, modules, etc.

I am a work in progress, especially because I am flawed. But as such, I see my flaws as a great potential to improve on. I cannot magically transform myself into the most polite, appropriate and desirable person in the whole wide universe, but with a greatly improved self-awareness, slowly and carefully I am trying my best to improve my disposition. With every word that roll out of my mouth and every thought that occupy my mind, I try to be a person better than the one I was before.