Steer Direction

Hello 2014. We finally meet. And just like the past years of my life, there shall be no new year’s resolution this time. Perhaps that was the only new year’s resolution I have ever fulfilled so far is the one to not make any more new year’s resolutions. Also, I believe that one does not have to wait for new year to make a resolution to change for the better. Each month, each week, each, day, and even each hour is an opportunity to effect a change.

Nonetheless, perhaps the new year is a good time to effect a theme. And for 2014, my life’s theme is to “Steer Direction”. All decisions and actions shall be deliberate moves toward identified specific goals and targets in my life. It’s not just about achieving something. It’s about reaching that one or few things that I have decided are the most important at this point in my life. Maybe one will say that this is how we should manage our entire lives. But this year is the time this theme resounds so much louder – a certain level of maturity has been reached, as well as a certainty of one wants to do with one’s life.

365 Days to get going.

What Monday means…

Why do most of us hate Monday so much? Perhaps it’s because it marks the start of the workweek again. To the typical worker, we toil from Monday to Friday and rest Saturday and Sunday. Although to a lot of other people in other professions, this do not necessarily apply.

The weekends would never be enough, right? But maybe we can try to not blame it on Monday. After all, Mondays always mark beginnings. And with every new week we start fresh, we start anew. We leave whatever good and bad happened in the past week and start over again, a new week to hope for everything to turn out well.

I’ve also learned a few thing about Mondays from colleagues. Always wear red or something bright on a Monday, never black. I guess it’s a Chinese Feng shui thing, but come to think of it, some bright clothing can indeed bring a brighter outlook to the start of the week. Another Chinese business practice I learned is to never make any big spending on a Monday, so that the week will not be all about spending.

The message I want to get across is maybe we should appreciate Monday a little more. Beginnings should be enjoyed and seized, and Monday should not be an exception.