My long-delayed reaction to Adele’s “Hello”

I have to be honest, Adele’s new song and music video “Hello” never really got me until lately. For the past few weeks since it was released, I’ve been wondering why so many people are feeling so much about that song. And for someone who’s heart and mind is so often affected by music and lyrics, her song somehow evaded me, until now.

I see, hear, and feel it now. The sorrow, regret, and longing of that song. Perhaps sometimes we deliberately shut off parts of our system to shield ourselves from pain, even if that pain is from so long ago. Maybe the song was blocked from my system somehow, and it took some time to finally make sense.

Hello, it’s me, I was wondering
If after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal, yeah
But I ain’t done much healing

Heck, it’s a line that isn’t so strange to me. But then again, perhaps that’s the only part of the song that makes sense to me. I cannot connect to the rest of the song anymore, because it’s a song of someone who regrets letting go of someone they loved. And if anything, maybe someone else should be singing that song…

Regret is one thing I hate. That’s why I live my life such a way that I will never look back and regret doing or not doing something. So far, I only have one regret in my life that I wish I could undo.

Friday Madness – Daydream Sequence

A very interesting ending to a very long week and a very long last workday. I rarely write about nonsensical personal experiences, but tonight I shall make an exception just for kicks.

Went home from work via my usual route – a walk to the MRT station, a “long” MRT ride, a shuttle ride to our subdivision, and a short walk home. For tonight, my entire trip was made by my self, with company from my beloved music player and headphones. Adele was tonight’s my music of choice.

Adele, my lonesome, and the busy train. What a crazy, interesting combination. My daydream-y self kicks in again. I could vividly imagine myself singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” loudly in the train, with feelings. Well, not just with feelings, but a complete production number, like those scenes you see on Glee. And the strangers in the crowd were the doo-wop to my song. Read back from the start of this paragraph slowly and imagine it in your head.

Of course, it does not end there. The entire commute still included the shuttle ride and a short walk from our village gate to the house. Adele kept on playing. I found it quite hard keeping myself from actually singing out loud and grooving to the songs.

Okay, enough of the nonsense. I hope you were at the very least amused or entertained, hopefully not appalled or nauseous. Pardon my occasional craziness. :p