About Me

I will first tell you who I’m not. I’m not a photo blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a travel blogger, a techie blogger, or a journalist. I do not write with perfect grammar, and I may not do extensive research on things I write about. I may not be right all the time. I write without the intention to instruct or insist. I do not intend to impose my beliefs on anyone.

I mainly write about my own experiences. There will be a lot of thought, introspection, and realizations. I wish not to be thought selfish or self-centered, but how can one understand the world without first understanding himself/herself? I write always with a certain curiosity if other people would think the same way or experience the same things as I do. I will rarely write about my political ideas or my religion and faith, but it does not mean that I don’t have either. I will write with a certain restraint to make sure that everything in my blog is parent-proof and boss-proof. You probably won’t see my crazy side here.

I’m also a newbie in this new kingdom called Australia. And you’ll read a lot about my new adventures in this new world.

I’m 32, an engineer by education, an adventurer by heart, a frustrated performing artist, an aspiring project manager, and part-time blogger, at your service. 


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I never knew you wanted to be a performing artist.

    It is hard to erase the picture of you as a high school freshman (already wearing glasses). Though i have browsed through your new pics in fb, i prefer to freeze you as an Abi in high school :).

    I am interested in perspectives of people, the way they think and the way they interact with dominant cultures and how they keep their passion burning. Raw thoughts of people are always of interest to me. Keep on writing! You never know how many people you will influence with your thoughts – everyone needs confirmation and the feeling that some other people think the same way they do on certain things.

    1. Hehe, hi Sir Salamida! Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a performing artist – dance, singing, theater, even as a musician (I play the piano and guitar, and attempted to learn the violin). I never got to seriously pursue it though, because school and career got in the way.

      It’s interesting to know you still remember me as a high school freshman… coz even I myself want to remember myself like that. There’s something so comfortable about the innocence of being young, if you know what I mean.

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and hope you enjoy reading my past and future posts 😀

  2. I feel so connected to you. I read your about me and why Blog and I felt like our thoughts are similar in this aspect of blogging. Even I don’t feel like posting photos with designer clothes and I write about random events and introspections of my life. It was really nice to have someone similar to oneself. I am in my final year of engineering and I struggle between this hobby and studies quite a lot! It was nice to read your articles! 🙂

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