In love with two

(Written 16 Septmeber 2017)

I have learned to always be in love with two at any given time. I fall in love with the one right in front of me, and at the same time keep loving the one who has yet to come, my future husband. Always in love with two.

I should always allow myself to love completely the one who is in my present, with a love that is unconditional and without regard for what the future may bring. I’m learning to take this love one day at a time, and acknowledge that there will always be a possibility that it may be taken away at any time. But its time-limited nature should not hinder me from loving completely. It is the joy of the mystery of love.

I must also admit that I absolutely love my future husband, the one that is yet to come, even though I don’t know him yet and have not found him yet. I will always love him, even before I find him, and so much more when I finally do. This is the love that keeps me going despite all the heartaches and hearbreaks that I may encounter in this life. This love assures me that everything will be all worth it in the end.

The best part of loving two is when it finally comes together, when I finally discover that the one I love right in front of me is the future husband that I’ve always loved. Then and only then will I love only one.

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