Lately I’ve been hearing that term, ‘olive-skinned’. What does that even mean? I have always thought that olives are colored either green or black. But I’ve heard colleagues call themselves olive-skinned, compare how “dark” they are from other friends or relatives… and I look at them and they look much fairer than me!

“When people say “olive skin”, they generally are talking about a slightly darker complexion, usually in the light brown range, that has a naturally-tanned look.” – http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-olive-skin.htm

Back home, I thought I had much fairer skin than most people. Colloquially they called it mestiza, and somehow it was effortless for me because that was my natural color. A lot of people were aiming for fair skin, and whitening products was big business back there.

I have not considered to artificially whiten my skin, and I don’t think I will. But right now I completely feel like the immigrant that I am. This is the risk of being in someone else’s country. I am no longer Snow White, no longer the fairest of this kingdom. I’ve never heard anyone call me olive-skinned or yellow-skinned yet, but I can feel how different I am from everyone else.

Perhaps I should use this realisation to my advantage. I should accept that I am unique, I am special, I am quite different especially in this new world that I am trying to conquer.

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