What a difference a curlash makes. ;)

I was putting on my “weekend makeup” one time, and just noticed how different my eyes looked when one already had lashes curled, and the other one was au naturelle. Thanks to genetics, I have long but naturally straight lashes, and although I have no need to have lash extensions applied, I do have to curl my lashes every day. Believe me, it does wonders.

My personal makeup skills is something that I have gradually learned over time. Thanks to the natural flair of the women in my family for beauty, I have role models to look up to. And as I learned from my beloved grandmother – never leave the house without any makeup – and I live by that rule. But that does not mean I always look made-up all the time. There is an art to always just having enough makeup on.

I learned the basics of makeup from watching my mom put her makeup on every day before going to work since I was young. I got beauty tips from my aunt all the time. My grandmother always had makeup on regardless if she has to leave the house or not. The more detailed parts of putting on makeup I learned from some talented friends – how to put on eyeliner, how to draw eyebrows perfectly, how to contour, etc. etc.

When it comes to the most basic makeup, which I refer to as “weekend makeup”, there are just a few essential things needed:

  • moisturizer (always)
  • BB cream (or a very light coverage foundation)
  • face powder (applied using a big brush instead of the puff)
  • blush
  • lip balm
  • and curled-up lashes

I would also throw in a very thin eyeliner for my top lid (none for the bottom), draw my eyebrows using a brush and some eyebrow powder, and a thin coat of mascara just to hold the curled lashes in shape, but you can skip these if you want to. This is what I do on relaxed weekends and casual trips. This is what I have on when I seem to have barely anything on.

I do full makeup on weekdays when I go to work, and that involves a whole lot of other stuff than the ones I listed above. I also do it differently for special events, and usually I use pictures from magazines as a guide when I need to put on makeup for special occasions.

It’s good to be beautiful always. You’ll never know who you’ll encounter anytime, and it’s good to look good always.

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