It’s strange when I think about it, how life plays crazy tricks on us. Like how destiny flips things the opposite way – how that one guy I’ve always wanted to be with for the longest time seems to always be doing the things I’ve never wanted to be involved in at any point in my life. It’s not even the things that don’t appeal to me, but he seems to have a knack for gravitating towards the things that I’d rather have no connections with.

It would’ve been easier to explain if I could enumerate the exact things he does which I can’t stand, but its probably better not to say anything to protect his identity. Not that I’m expecting him to find this blog anytime.

The last time I spent time with him some time back, I already realised the futility of it all. I must admit, there’s always be a part of me that will always be drawn to him. But finally I know and understand that the entirety of who he has become is something I will never be able to deal with. And so I’ve finally let the last remaining drops of my hope go.

Destiny has already spoken – we were never meant to be together anyway. 

However, I’m also realising that he is someone I would never ever forget. His is a story that has been written into my life for a long time, even if he seems more as interruptions or breaks rather than the main programming. He may still interrupt my thoughts like he does right now. I may attempt to check on him, but would most probably just remain passive and tell myself that it’s useless effort.

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