This is possibly the first and the longest time I’ve spent in a place during winter or in winter-like weather. I arrived here in Sydney around the last month of winter. It should already be spring now, but the cold weather has decided to come back for a few more days. The coldest I’ve been to before was Vancouver in spring, or New Zealand in autumn, but nothing as enduring as this. And for someone like me who has lived my entire life in tropical climate, this brings new realizations. It’s only lately that I’ve truly realized what the following things are for:

  • Layering is so important, especially if you don’t plan to sweat indoors and freeze outdoors
  • Windbreakers really break the wind to keep you from freezing
  • Tights are really useful when wearing dresses and skirts during winter
  • Thermal underwear really matters in one-digit and almost-zero conditions
  • Thick shawl really protect your neck and ears, especially if these are the only remaining exposed areas of your body under all that winter cover-up
  • Hoodies are very useful for really cold and windy conditions
  • Trench coats keep most of your body warm and not just your torso
  • High boots and uggs give much needed warmth to your feet and legs and keeps it from the cold wind
  • Fluffy bedroom slippers are useful for cold days and nights at home
  • A really good quilt is very much needed for a good night sleep
  • Fleece blankets can really keep you warm

There are still be other things that I may have missed, I’ll just try to add to this list as I remember them. But my point here is, I never truly knew what these things are for until I lived through winter-time.

P.S. I already stored most of my winter clothes in a separate container and have had others already dry-cleaned, but its so cold tonight that I just had to bring some of the stuff out again. And it’s already almost a month into spring…

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