Surviving the Cebu Pacific Manila-Sydney Flight

The Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Sydney isn’t so bad. I think they have five flights a week, direct between the two cities. Tickets costs an average of Php20,000 round trip, much affordable compared to the other carriers which average at Php40,000. Sometimes you can also get lucky and find really cheap promo fares (as low as Php6,000++ according to a friend). But of course, one should still remember that it is a budget airline and one should not expect red carpet treatment. Here are some tips to maximize the comfort of your ride.

  • The leg space on this flight is not bad, especially for a 5’2″ girl like me. There is enough wiggle space. If you’re much bigger though, it may be good to book one of the exit row seats for a little premium fee.
  • Considering that it’s not peak season yet, the plane is relatively full. Perhaps I got lucky with my seat (or maybe it was strategy), I got an aisle seat and have only one seatmate occupying the window seat – the seat between us is vacant. The strategy is not solid though, its still a hit or miss, depending on the occupancy of the flight.
  • I recommend that you bring the following:
  1. Small blanket or a warm shawl, so you would not need to purchase a Php350 blanket onboard
  2. Neck pillow and eye cover if you plan to sleep; Ear plugs may be useful too, especially if you’re on a flight with a noisy baby (or adult)
  3. Full socks, so you can kick off your shoes and relax
  4. Lotion and lip balm, to keep moisturized
  5. Loose change (maybe 20s, 50s and 100s) for purchasing drinks and food onboard
  • I would not recommend purchasing their onboard meals. They’re really not worth it. I personally think I would’ve been better off if I just bought their cup noodles. Anyway, there is really no point in eating a rice meal at 2am, and breakfast can be as simple as getting some pastries and coffee from them. Onboard food and drinks (not the meals) costs around Php50 up.
  • For flights from Sydney to Manila, make sure that all your carry-on baggage totals 7kg (somehow they can be quite strict)

I should also mention that it really pays to look out for budget fares on this carrier. If you wait around for the right time, you can usually get tickets for 1/2 or even 1/3 the price. And it’s not necessarily accomplished by booking a long way ahead of time. It’s really just about timing. 

I’ll most probably fly Cebu Pacific between Sydney and Manila in the coming years, unless by some good fortune I strike it rich here and I’ll fly Qantas instead. ;p

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