Back in Circulation

I guess I’m back in circulation. This is my first blog post after two whole months, even though there’s so much happening in my life right now. This is my first post as a resident of Australia. This is more an intro and I don’t expect to put much substance in what I am writing right now. But I’m hoping this would get me started again.

I’ve also thought about the title of this blog: “Quarter Life”. Maybe some will say that I’m already far beyond that at 31. But I have decided to keep it, since I already have a good number of posts and followers, and the domain is already paid for the next few years. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m still far from the mid-life crisis, so perhaps its ok to stay put right here. 

So here’s where my new story starts. My new life begins in Australia. The wild adventures of Abii continues…

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