A world full of soulmates

I do not believe that we have just one soulmate in this world. Rather, I have come to observe that this world may be full of these soulmates – individuals who are related to some part of your being from sometime in your cosmic history. We are all stardust, remember? And perhaps parts of us came from the same stars…

What are soulmates? There is a certain comfort when meeting and being with a soulmate. People meet and are effortlessly drawn to each other despite initially being strangers. Despite the absence of an apparent shared world or experience, they still relate to and understand each other at a deeper level. Perhaps they already knew each other in their past lives, and thus they are part of each other from before.

There is a certain joy that echoes in our hearts whenever we chance upon a soulmate. And yet we have to learn to realize and accept that not all of them will stay in our lives a long time. Sometimes you get a chance to spend half of your life with them, but sometimes you just find them to spend half a day together and never to meet again (at least in this lifetime).

Soulmates don’t necessarily need to be the love of your life, although it would be nice to have a love that is also your soulmate. Soulmates can also be your friends, your teachers, your colleagues, or people you meet along the way. Try to tune in more carefully to the different people that surround you, and you’ll probably realize who among all your different relations are actually one of your soulmates.

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