From where I am…

From where I am right now, I could say that I’ve come a long way from six months ago. Where I am, I prepare my own food every day, clean up after myself, do the weekly grocery, put things into place. I walk to and from work every day. I have an exciting, challenging, and fulfilling work that sometimes takes me places. And in the evenings without leaving my bed, I can watch a building with an LED light show, the big colorful giant ferris wheel in the distance, some hotel buildings around me, a tiny part of Manila Bay and the yachts parked by it (no sunset view though), and the night lights of the city of Manila.

It’s just amazing, thinking about it, how I never planned any of these. A beautiful and enormous change in my life just as I turned 30. But things seem to be running even faster now. Who knows what changes will happen to my life in the next six months, in the next year, or in the next few years? Who knows what new adventures I will be getting in to very soon? Things coming my way just makes everything so exciting.

Most of the things that I planned in the past five to eight years didn’t really happen the way they were supposed to, with the exception of a few accomplishments I have achieved and am very proud of. But what have been given to me – by chance, by fate, as blessing, or whatever in this universe have conspired to make them happen – seems to be more than worth all the other things that never really materialized. So now, I decide to just plan for all possibilities, and take everything day by day. I do plan by the day, by the week, or as need arises. I still have the liberty to do so, still being single and independent. Once I find that comfy spot in the world to settle in, and find someone to share my life with, I’ll probably get back to planning ahead again.

Everything at the right time, at the right place, and for the right reasons.

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