An end is something else’s beginning

One more big personal task done. I’m done writing my love history, the story of the ten most significant “love stories” or “love almosts” of my life that have shaped or changed the way I think and feel about love and relationships. 

The true reason I started writing it was I wanted to be set free. I want to be free from all that my love history has been limiting me, restricting me, and preventing me from being my best self for myself, for others, and for my future special someone.

The process of writing has been challenging. It’s like opening up old and deep wounds again. It takes a lot of remembering things you’ve tried to forget. I did already totally forget a lot of things and aspects, but some memories are still very much intact and vivid.

I think its so much worth it. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. I feel like it has created an impact in my life. It has given me an insight into the many subconscious drivings that were due to these histories. And if ever I forget, I now have a written account to read back from and remember.

Done writing my “love history” now. Time to live a new, beautiful love story that has yet to arrive. :p

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