iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone4s and iPad mini

After much hesitating, I updated my iPhone 4s and iPad mini to iOS 8.0.2 last weekend. I wasn’t planning to earlier when they initially released iOS 8 for fear of super slow down in my gadget. But I eventually reconsidered after reading some online reviews and analyses by technology bloggers that the patched version 8.0.2 seems to work much better, and ok for the older apple mobile gadgets.

Fast forward a week after, I could say that it’s not so bad after all. Although there is indeed a slowdown of the gadget, it’s not yet to an impairing level, so far. Most of the core applications are working ok, as well as other apps. There’s a wee bit more times my apps are crashing lately, but I’m attributing it more to the apps still adapting to iOS8, and still have to update to keep up. Also the apps we’re crashing just the same in iOS 7 when they were all rushing to update compatibility to iOS 8.

There are new features that seem interesting, but I have not maximised the use of them yet. Maybe I should try just dictating this sentence using the dictating tool (I did! But I had to still manually edit the sentence a bit). I heard there are some new useful features for the mail app too.

One notable lag I just recently noticed is the camera lag. When I take pictures, it takes more than 10 seconds (sometimes even up to 30 seconds) before the photo is available in my photo album for viewing, use, or sharing through the various apps. That’s quite long. I hope apple does something about it.

The verdict? Not too bad to already update to iOS 8 right now for iPhone 4s and iPad mini. But if you’re satisfied with iOS 7 and are very bothered with lags in performance and crashing apps, maybe you should still wait a little. I’m hoping that all the clonks, lags, bugs, and crashes are solvable issues through debbuging their programming and not due to the lower hardware specs of my gadgets right now. I don’t think I will be upgrading my gadgets anytime soon (perhaps later on). I think I can live with how the most recent iOS is performing on my gadgets. 🙂

P.S. This article was drafted using Evernote on iPad mini, and posted using the WordPress app. No lags or crashes were observed in the making of this blog post. 🙂

2 thoughts on “iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone4s and iPad mini

  1. The only issues I found when updated my IPhone 5 was that I cannot longer sync pictures and it disconects me from my WiFi without notice at odd times. I discovered that if we update iTunes in the phone I have to also update in the computer. The same goes for iCloud, all devies need to be uypdate for the sync to work. Still can’t sync pictures and I used to do WiFi sync 😦 – I am looking to switch back to Samsun next year.

    1. Hi Hector, thanks for sharing your experience on iOS8 on iPhone5. I think there was a major change with how iCloud works, that’s why you’re encountering those problems.

      I myself are seeing a few more problems and slowdowns with my gadgets right now. But I am still crossing my fingers that they’ll be able to debug iOS8 enough in the coming weeks.

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