(The love of) Miss Saigon

I couldn’t help but post something about Miss Saigon right now. I’m totally fangirling over Lea Salonga at the moment (with her ongoing concerts with Il Divo singing “A Whole New World”, the Miss Saigon anniversary, and her other stuff resurfacing on social media right now), but that’s an entirely different story. For now I’ll tell you why Miss Saigon is close to my heart.

MissSaigonPosterI was very fortunate to have watched Miss Saigon when it had its run here in Manila way back in 2000. I was in 4th year high school then, and there were discounted tickets available to us at school through the school foundation for a specific screening date, so I grabbed the chance. It was the first ever international musical theatre production I have ever watched. It was also a wonderful chance, because it was Lea Salonga who was playing the lead character Kim when we watched. I also remember Isay Alvarez as Gigi and Leo Valdez as the Engineer.

I know I loved every bit of it. And when the ending came, I was shocked. I said, “bakit walang nagsabi sakin na ganito kalungkot ang ending nito?” (“why didn’t anyone tell me this had tragic ending?”). I never researched the story before I watched it. I was caught off-guard with the tragic ending, and I cried my eyes out. I was 16, and I could never forget that.

I have always been a frustrated performing artist since my early childhood. Miss Saigon fueled this desire a little more. It made me want to be in musical theatre. Specifically, my ultimate dream role was to be Gigi of Miss Saigon (not Kim, mind you). The singing, the dancing, the acting… all of those are things I would’ve love to do out of sheer passion. Unfortunately, my life was not meant for that direction, and instead I took up and finished my engineering degree and worked in the corporate world. I would still dance every now and then, sing in the shower or at home when no one’s around, or sing karaoke when there’s a chance. But I’ve never been anywhere close to performing in the musical theatre…

I also grab chances when there are good productions to watch. I was able to watch Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Lion King in Singapore. I also watched Mamma Mia here in Manila. I saw the local production of Avenue Q. Every time I watch beautiful productions like these, I have a great appreciation for them. On top of that, my desire to perform in similar productions is ignited a little bit, but I just contain it because the situation never gave me an opportunity to be a musical theatre performer.

I wonder if that opportunity will ever come…

Also, I totally want to watch Miss Saigon again. If I could just buy a ticket to London anytime soon… :p

Anyway, here’s a link to the wonderful Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Gala Finale:


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