The end to a dry spell

I think two years is much too long for me to have not traveled abroad. The wanderlust is much too strong, but there were unavoidable circumstances that prevented me from going around. 

It’s also been 2.5 years since I’ve been to Singapore. That is after a few straight years of going there at least twice a year. There is probably a lot of new things to explore. So happy to be at it again. Time to rediscover the great food and go shopping.

Perhaps in the next months and years there will be chances, time, resources, and opportunities to be back to my world-wandering self again. This is me. I feel happy and alive when I travel. Somehow I am a different version of myself when I explore the world, in the literal and physical sense of it. I may have chances to travel for work, but I will still long for my personal adventures, whether it be with friends, family, or just on my own. I’d continue to travel both locally and abroad, but farther travels to new places and different cultures bring a different kind of fulfillment, and much more learnings.

More travel -> more realizations and inspiration -> more things to write about… More content for the blog, hopefully, as I get to go out more.

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