The Hangover of KenXy’s Forever


May hang-over pa ako!


PHOTO BY: Marlon Advincula

Not the kind that Paul and Duna had… Pleas refer to Exhibit A and B below… Hahahaha!


Yung hang-over na, paano nga ba i-explain? Yung gusto mo na ulit-ulitin? Or ayaw ,mo na matapos? Hahaha!

Pero ano nga bang meron?

The answer?



PHOTO BY: Marlon Advincula

The kind of love that drove us, batch by batch, to head to Davao and celebrate with Ken and Xy..


The kind of love that most if not all of us who came witnessed… Yung magka-Skype na si ken and xy tapos magkausap pa sa phone.. Yes I was there.. Hahaha!

I looked at their pre-nup pics: walang costume, walang venue na inayos, just them..


PHOTOS BY: Marlon Advincula

What got me was this moment..


PHOTO BY: Marlon Advincula

Hayop ka Kenneth! Hahaha! Naiyak kami dito ha!

I recalled something I wrote along time ago…

Part of it…

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