Sleeping Like Fish

Today I was able to try another means of transportation going to my office in Makati in the morning. Everything was well and good, except for the two persons who were both sleeping so awkwardly on my left and my right side. The one on my left side had her head back and her neck hyper-extended, and had her mouth wide open the entire trip. The one on my left had her head on an awkward tilt forward, occasionally “headbanging” or jerking between positions, all her hair falling in front of her and all over my right arm/shoulder.

Well, it really is a challenge sleeping in a vehicle full of people. But for some reason, I have learned how to sleep in public transportation with a little more class. I can even do it in MRT if I am lucky get a seat, or sometimes even standing up as long as I have a good handrail to hold on to. It’s somewhat a type of semi-sleep or half-sleep. I close my eyes, and just bow my head a little forward. Like a floating, sleeping fish.

Ever since I was a kid I have wondered how fish slept. How can they sleep while staying afloat? Or do they sleep at all? Science says that some fish sleep with half a brain still awake to keep them balanced or floating in water.

I have discovered too, that fish indeed sleep, when I find our koi fish in the pond sleeping at night. When I see our kois late at night, they’re all lined-up perpendicularly “parked” beside each other, and not swimming, just floating.

So, fish can sleep without a bed, just lined up and floating, with just a part of their brain still active to keep their position in check. I have learned to do something similar when sleeping in public transportation. Sleeping like fish. It’s so useful for catching some zzz’s during travel lull times.

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