HIMYM impending finale, and my fragile heart

In the advent of the upcoming How I Met Your Mother finale , I actually attempted to binge-watch everything from the first season. I started it around mid-February, and was watching a few episodes each night, but somehow stopped close to the end of the 2nd season. I did not stop because I didn’t like it or out of boredom. I stopped because I liked it so much but it was starting to eat me up emotionally. 

I therefore conclude that it’s not healthy for a chronically single, hopeless romantic like me to be binge watching HIMYM. My dreams of going through the entire series before the finale has gone up in smoke. But if I did continue watching it, it would be emotional suicide. I might combust with so much longing for my own Ted. 

But where is my Ted? Where is my Tom? Where is my Jonathan? Where is my Matthew? Where is my Alex? When will I ever come face to face with Griffin?

Add to this my random urge to re-read the entire bi-trilogy (yes, two sets of trilogies) of Griffin and Sabine.  I am close to the edge of embodying “hopeless” in the term “hopeless romantic”. 

The HIMYM ending is coming, whether I like it or not. I’d still love to watch the ending, even if it “breaks my heart”. I may still have a long way to go in my search for the love of my life, perhaps as crazy and complicated as Ted’s search, but I do have to carry on. 

One more dilemma is whether i should subject myself to watch “Starting Over Again” in the cinemas. It might be another self-torture decision, but I might consider… but that shall be a separate story on a different occasion.

One thought on “HIMYM impending finale, and my fragile heart

  1. This is “cute” and I apologize in advance for using such nasty word 🙂 I like How I met Your Mother but only watch random episodes here and there for fear of getting hooked. I tend to do that to the point of overdosing on a show and then taking over my dreams. Good luck 🙂

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