Cotton Balls

My eye-makeup remover of choice are two cotton balls. Yes, two cotton balls, and some other simple stuff I’ll explain in a bit.

Every day (except on weekends whenever possible) I put on almost complete make up, complete with eyeshadow and waterproof eyeliner and mascara. However, it has proven to be such a challenge to completely remove it at the end of each day. The typical eye make-up remover I know are oil-based removers. But it leaves it greasy or sticky feeling after. Some use cotton pads and some moisturizer, but I can’t seem to get everything off with just that.

Also, my eyes have been previously damaged and a little bit sensitive. I was diagnosed with keratoconjunctivitis sicca (or dry eye syndrome – DES) last year, so I have even more limitations with dealing with my eyes. Interesting though, one of the best eyelid cleaning trick I learned from my Ophthalmologist, and it was advised for me to minimize the effect of my DES.

So this is how I do it every evening:

  1. Before I wash my face, I ready two clean and dry cotton balls near and somewhere easy to grab.
  2. I wash my face using the typical facial wash. Before I rinse my face, I grab a cotton ball and lightly rub my closed eyelids to remove the eye makeup residue. The eye make up has loosened because of the facial wash, and is absorbed by the cotton ball. Then I rinse my face with water. Usually the eye makeup has been significantly removed at this point, but sometimes some residue still remains (especially of waterproof mascara and eye liner).
  3. I then put a drop of baby shampoo in my cupped hand, dilute it with a little water, and have the second cotton ball absorb this.
  4. With the second cotton ball, I lightly rub my entire eye area while my eyes are closed – including eyelids, eye brows, eye lashes, and eye bags. Then, I rinse thoroughly with water. Somehow it’s like shampooing your eye lashes and eye brows, and your entire eyelid and eyebag area.

The part with the facial wash, I kinda figured out myself. But the part with the baby shampoo is the one I got from my Ophthalmologist. I actually think one or the other may already be ok on their own, but I do both consecutively every time just to be sure I remove everything. I’m sharing it here just in case anyone is trying to find a way to get around this challenge. It’s pretty cheap, simple, and effective.

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