When it fits

In keeping with my habit of writing about the most random things in life, here’s another one that will come across somewhat like a public service advise column. The gist is this:

Wear your size

I’m writing mostly about women’s clothes and shoes, but perhaps it may apply to men as well. Anyway, here it goes.

Last week while I was shopping, I heard two ladies talking to each other while going through a pile of bras on sale. One said, “kunin mo yung cup A lang, kasi yan yung nakaka push-up ng boobs (translated : get the bras in cup A, because it will make your breasts look more full)”. At that very moment, I had a strong urge to interrupt and correct them, but I kept myself from being the nosy one. Perhaps a number or a lot of people think that way, and its so unfortunate.

I am lucky to have learned the beauty of wearing bras in the correct size. If you have bigger breasts, cup A will actually make it look smaller and have the excess “volume” explode in the wrong areas. Wearing too small sizes will accentuate fats in your underarms and back. Wearing too big sizes will make it look weird too. The best is really to find your true size, and yes it does involve actually fitting the brasserie.

The size of bras are usually denoted by a (2-digit) number and a letter. The letter refers to the size of the cup (where A is the smallest, and it gets big as you go up the alphabet). The number denotes the “size” or actually the girth around your torso. Not all people have the same ratio between their torso girth and their breast size, and the different bra sizes account for this.

Consult the underwear sales staff and they may be able to help you find your correct size. Better for you to still fit it, of course. And once you have the right size, stick to it, unless you grow fatter or skinnier, which may require some size adjustments.

Also, although I can’t promote the brand, there are good brands that have beautiful maximizer bras (from level 1 to 4!) which does the real “pushing up” of your boobs. Explore the market. Try it out and see how it looks on you.

I would say the same for clothes, that one should wear the correct size. It looks horrible to see people wearing clothes that are in sizes too big or too small for them. This is much more tragic for full-figured women like me. Both too small and too big sizes often make women look much more odd-sized than they truly are. Wearing the right size (in a good shape/silhouette and style) would make one look better, no matter what your true size is. I remember watching one episode on the show “How Do I Look”, and they actually did an experiment on some women to prove this point, letting them wear sizes of a gown which are bigger, smaller, or their exact size, and asking other people to visually estimate their true size. The people did perceive the woman in the correct size to seem to be smaller than her actual size.

So, the next time you go shopping for clothes, try them on. Or figure out your actual size (better if you find it in US, EU, UK, Aus, and other sizing conventions). When your clothes fit properly, it may make a whole lot of difference.

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