It’s all good…

It’s a wonderful week. My bestfriend just gave birth to her first baby, a healthy baby girl. A close friend and his wife are now pregnant with their first child. My first week at my new work just started. Seems like it’s a beautiful week of new beginnings, indeed. Perhaps it’s a good sign. The universe is telling me that there’s that beautiful future waiting ahead, and maybe I’m already headed in the right direction.

And, Christmas is just around the corner. I could already feel the cool evening breeze while I was walking home. It’s just 38 days to go.

2012 is my year. I have claimed this perhaps for the last 5 years of my life. Although I know it’s an impossibility to have 12/12/12 as my wedding day (12 is my favorite number, but there’s no one to marry yet), and things have not been all bright and shiny this year, I still claim 2012 to be my year. I still got around 44 days to go to make it count.

Dear universe, please keep conspiring. I think we’re getting there, where we ought to be.

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