High-function (brain)

There’s some thing I’ve noticed that is interesting to write about and share a little bit, although I do not intend to brag in any way. I never tried observing it actively before, but with my recent tendency to analyze how I behave and react to stimuli and instances around me, I realize how much my brain works like a high-function equipment.

Oh, my high-function brain that is a little bit of both a blessing and a curse. I have the tendency to think too much, and sometimes to think of far too many things. When well directed, the brain allows me to do wonderful things. At times I am able to understand things, arrange and systematize things, and create things with more ease. It is able to process a lot of information, but not necessarily able to process everything perfectly and correctly, though. I am usually able to finish things a little bit faster than most.

My brain is still made of the usual slush though. And I also tend to tire quickly because of all the thinking. A high-activity equipment that heats up much quicker, even burns up at times. I do shut down, especially after a vigorous use of my brain. And when I shut down, I really shut off.

Reminds me, I’m brain-dead now. Need to recharge.

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