Imagine that. If I did not check myself, I would’ve sobbed as I made my way out of my brother’s Sydney apartment for the last time. We were already flying out of Sydney to Melbourne for the weekend, then back to the Philippines after. I was struck again by my “sentimentality”. I will probably never see that place again, even if I come back to Sydney next time. I almost had a minor anxiety attack just because of that, and I can’t particularly explain why.

Everyday is a different story. There will be days that I will be very happy and/or inspired with all the things around me. On the other hand, there will also be days when I’ll feel very anxious, uneasy, and uncertain. It’s always a challenge to be ok, to be in the moment, but at the same time be able to check one’s self and maintain a certain level of serenity.

It may be the hormones acting. Or maybe it’s just me and the (un)usual yin and yang of my moods. Perhaps awareness is really the key. When you are able to identify when you start shifting to extreme emotions, you are able to find means to temper yourself.

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