Like reflection on water. This is how I see myself if I try to see how other people perceive me. On still and calm moments, it may seems that my reflection is almost the same as what I really am. But mild ripples, quiet waves, gentle winds, and any disturbance distort that reflection. In turbulent waters, I don’t recognize myself anymore. I know I am still the same, but my reflection is a mess.

There’s good and bad from seeing one’s self through other people’s eyes. On one hand, you are able to feel your way into the world, and have an idea how to relate to other people. On the other hand, you sometimes forget some parts of who you really are, especially when you start believing everything that other people say about you.

It’s tough to find a balance. People will always judge. Not one other soul will know who you really are, why you act a certain way, or where your true passions lie.

Maybe it’s just important to never forget who you really are, no matter what other people say, whether they’re the ones closest to you or complete strangers. Keep on trusting yourself and trying to understand yourself. It’s the only way to stay intact.

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