Time Flies (and so am I)

Sometimes I forget, but I am almost always reminded every time, how time flies. Six weeks surely passed by like nothing, even though I was initially afraid that it would crawl and leave me longing for it to end. But indeed, it passed by like it was nothing. I thought I would have enough time to do everything I needed to do during this transition period, but I wasn’t able to. I’ll just do the rest when I return.

Now I’m leaving for another trip, and this is probably the longest trip I’ll be taking since 2005. But it is just three weeks, and I’m pretty sure it will also pass by so quickly, especially because we are set to do so many things and visit so many places. So excited.

By the time you read this post, I’ll probably be boarding or already on-board the plane, or have arrived down-under. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to write while on my 3-week adventure. The up-side to this is I’ll probably have a lot more stories to tell after.

So kiss me and smile for me,
Tell me that you’ll wait for me,
Hold me, like you never let me go.
Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane,
Don’t know when I’ll be back again…

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