Writing from the heart

I must admit. I’ve been getting a little bit too obsessed about being able to produce and post an article on this blog three times a week. There has been good feedback and a good number of visits for my posts these last few weeks, and I was so pressured to come up with equally good topics and have them out in time.

But many thanks to my sister who pointed out that I should stop getting fixated at it. Yes indeed, its good to finally be able to build a good audience for my blog, but I shouldn’t sacrifice the quality and heart of my posts just because I’m running after numbers and stats. I am reminded once again why I write and why I blog.

To write is to express myself and my thoughts about so many different things around. I write because in expressing myself, I am able to understand myself more. To be understood by others, and further, to be appreciated, is just a good by-product of being able to write what I write.

So now I will not promise to post three times a week. I will write when thoughts and ideas come around, but will try to post at least once a week, unless otherwise announced.

Thank you to everyone for the inspiration. It becomes more worthwhile to know that someone out there reads what I write. 🙂

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