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While worrying about the next thing I should write about, I find a pingback, a nomination for One Lovely Blog Award by Sally on Deliberately Delicious. Thank you so much and I am very honored.

I do hope I get to do this right. According to the rules, I should thank the person who nominated me, share seven things about myself, and then nominate fifteen blogs that I think are deserving of the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m not sure though, if I’ll get to fifteen, but I’ll nominate who I think deserve to be mentioned.

Now for the seven (random) things about me (and I try to make it a bit interesting):

1. I love to dance. It is one thing I truly enjoy with all my body, mind, and heart. I have some training in a few styles, and have learned a few others by experience or practice. And… sometimes you can catch me dancing even without music.

2. I’ve wanted to go bungy jump on my 25th birthday, and I got to actually doing it just a few weeks before my 26th, so I think it still counts. Now, I want to skydive on my 30th birthday. I have just a little bit under 2 years to find a way to do that.

3. I’ve kept a cabbage patch doll from way back in 1990, given to me when I was still a little girl. Her name is Elaine.

4. I’ve been single for the past 5 years, both by chance and by choice.

5. I love driving. I love fast cars. I love beautiful sexy cars. I’m like a guy when I start talking about cars, as my friends say.

6. The best thing that my former officemates remember about me is, I can make really good desserts – chocolates, cakes, fruit salad, and panna cotta, among others.

7. I love reading books by Paulo Coelho. And I love re-reading his books too.

Now for my nominations:

Professional Heckler, who has been very witty and entertaining, and at the same time socially relevant.

Next is Antonio Marquez’ Photoblog, a wonderful Portugese photographer who does a lot of great B&W shots.

Reina Reyes on Pinay Observer, a batchmate of mine from high school, who have gone further in pursuit of stars (literally… she’s an astrophysicist now). Such a great mind.

Chico Garcia on Strangefruit, 1/3 of my favorite on-air trio on RX93.1 (Manila). He’s crazy-entertaining.

Ae on Artechoke, a personal acquaintance who does really nice reviews of different beauty products.

Daniel Loy on Danjumbuck, the blog of my Malaysian friend who has the same fondness for travel, photographs, and food, like me.

Here are a few other websites / blogs / collections that I love reading:

Hello Giggles, a very female website by the trio Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer.

Flowing Data, which feeds the geeky, chart-loving part of me.

Science Dump, loaded with a lot of entertaining science and science-y stuff.

My favorite online comics, DilbertPhD Comics, XKCD, and JL8 Comics, as well as my all time favorite from way back, Beerkada.

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