After the last few busy weeks on my blog, I may need to quiet down for a while and I don’t know for how long. I’m hoping to get back to writing after two weeks, but I can’t promise.

My head is too full with so many things, and most are difficult for me to process. I’m faced with situations which require significant decisions, and I want to make sure that I go for the best one. If I do something drastic, I want to be smiling before and after.

Everything seems jumbled up in my head — ideas and reason intertwined with my emotions. It’s so difficult to write anything comprehensible now, and even this short piece is a labor to write.

I’ll be back to blogging the soonest, as soon as I get my head cleared up from all of these. Maybe I’ll write about it after, maybe say how things turns out.

I will really appreciate all forms of moral support that will come my way. Thanks for reading.

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