I have the music sense of an old soul

I drive everyday to and from work, and it takes me between 1 to 2 hours each trip, depending on the traffic. All those times, I have my music to keep me company.

Music plays such a big role in my life, more than just a way to pass time. There is something about music that can outwardly sing the song of my soul most times. There is something about music that is very therapeutic.

Most people my age may think me strange, though, if they hear the music I listen to. I have the music sense of an old soul. It’s as if my musical soul is twice my age. I listen to some really old songs, standards, contemporary jazz, classical, instrumental, samba and bossa, among others. I like a wide range of music, which include some current music and pop. I like a number of British bands and artists. Old OPM music are nice too.

I’m lucky to have some good local radio stations that play my type of music. Crossover 105.1, Radio High 105.9, and W-Rock 96.3 are some favorites (all FM radio in Manila, Philippines). I get to discover a lot of the British artists from my sister who also likes looking for good, non-pop music. You can also check out my music player and find out my vast collection.

There have been a number of international artists and bands who came and had concerts here, but I don’t usually spend to watch the current popular ones. The concerts I have watched include Rick Astley, Manhattan Transfer, Basia, and Don McLean. I did want to watch Kylie Minogue too, but I wasn’t able to.

Here’s a taste of one of my favorite songs, just so you have an idea how music plays in my heart. šŸ™‚

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