Wicker Park Ending

The most memorable movie scene for me is the ending sequence of Wicker Park. Have you seen it? Have you ever watched it?

[Spoiler alert, proceed with caution] In summary, Wicker Park was a semi-tragic love story about a man, Matthew, separated from his love, Lisa, when she suddenly disappears without a word. After two years, he sees and tries to follow a girl who he thinks is Lisa, but ends up finding with another girl by the same name. Unknowingly, it was the second Lisa (or rather, pretending to have her name) that was the reason why Matthew never found out what happened to the real Lisa two years ago. It was a complicated love triangle.

Straight to the last scene. I love the last scene. After two years that they haven’t seen each other, and Matthew believes that he has somehow seen her again in the area and believes that she is around. The second “Lisa” still tried her best to prevent them from finding each other. Finally, Matthew and the real Lisa find each other at the airport, and time stops for them while the rest of the world goes on around them. It was the most tender and heartfelt movie moment I have ever seen. Add to that the perfect soundtrack – The Scientist, by Coldplay. I can never do justice to the scene with my mere words, so better if you go find it out for yourselves.


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