Persuasion - The art of influencing peopleOne book I have recently read is Persuasion – The art of influencing people by James Borg. It was one of the many books that my brother passed on to me last December. I am slowly going through all the books one by one, and this particular one caught my attention.

I must admit that my personal skills have a great potential for development, and personal development books like these can be very interesting and possibly helpful in my constant goal to become a better person.

The book discusses more than just the art of persuading and influencing others, but more on foundations and the most basic concepts of human interaction. It provides a number of wonderful lessons and examples on how to develop one’s ability to deal with others. In brief, these are the major lessons I latched on from the book:

1. Listen, and listen carefully to what the other person is saying
2. Watch and observe body language
3. Be aware of your own non-verbal communication, and how you come across to other people
4. Be interested in the other person
5. Remember names
6. Choose your words carefully
7. Always strive for a win-win negotiation

Perhaps you may say that these lessons are much too simple and common sense. However, these are also things we usually forgo, forget, or take for granted. The book gives sample situations that show the negative and the positive of each aspect. From this, the book gives tips on how to act better and be able to avoid negative outcomes and approach situations with the aim toward the positive.

I may still be a long way from being able to embody what I have read from the book, but at least I now have a push towards the better side of things. Possibly with awareness and with practice I will be able to be better, not just in the art of persuasion, but in communicating to others in general.

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