I wouldn’t say that I am a clinical obsessive-compulsive case. But it does strike me now and then, and when it comes, it comes like a storm. Been having my OC-ness going on again. It manifested when I started cleaning up and organizing my desk at the office. I should warn you that it was not the typical “put everything in the correct box and tuck it away” thing. I had the neatness that was beyond my normal thing. I rearranged the stuff on my desk, and marked areas on my desk that can contain stuff, separated from the surface that should remain clear. In a way it was the IE in my trying to fix my workstation.

Over the weekend, my OC-ness also did it’s job in my room. I took out all the clothes from my closet and rearranged them. This not being enough, I put post-its indicating what kind of clothes should be put in each space, a kind-of guide for our washer when she puts back the clothes he just washed. More room cleaning happened over the weekend, including my side-table drawer and other document containers in the room. I also boxed up some 28-years worth of little what-nots from my trunk that I intend to sort in the near future. I am now using the same trunk to keep away all the bags that I am not currently using. In the next few days, I will probably continue with sorting all the old digital files and scanned old photos for uploading on my cloud.

Oh yes, post-its are the OC’s ultimate tool. The inventor of the post-its should be thanked wholeheartedly. And being my OC self, I bought a few packs of fresh post-its (yes, the brand itself, because others can never get as sticky as the original one).

I am also trying to maximize the powers of my OC-ness in the office. It’s about time to close-out all pending contracts and organize all exhibit info. I’m making sure that our daily and weekly reports are efficient in terms of preparation and distribution. We are also already working on the operations and maintenance manuals for our exhibits, which is one gargantuan task on its own, even for an entire team of six (6).

In a way, this OC streak of mine is working positively for my sake. I’m just hoping it won’t go over the top.

Has any of you had OC streaks like these?

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