Doctors and Hospitals

I have never been really really sick my whole life, although I’m almost always a little bit sick with all kinds of things. Am not sure if I’m hypochondriac or just very sensitive, but seems like there’s always a little bit of something wrong here and there.

I won’t do an enumeration of my medical problems right now. I just found hospitals an interesting topic to write about because I am in one now, waiting for my turn at the doctor’s clinic. There’s maybe more than an hour’s wait left, but I guess that’s typical.

I was never afraid of doctors, probably because two of my close relatives are doctors, namely my Aunt (my mom’s sister) an her husband. I was always around them growing up. My pediatrician was nice too. When I was in college, I started going to doctor’s appointments by my own when I feel something wrong. I’d go to my diagnostic procedures alone. I didn’t mind. There was also one time last year that I went to the Emergency Room alone (although I was driven there by the driver) and was admitted as soon as they saw me come in the door of the ER. It was such a bore though, to be confined in the hospital for 4 days.

Do you think it odd that I am always at ease in hospitals, or at doctors’ clinics even on my own. I am actually not sure. I do wonder how other people view hospitals and doctors.

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