I am a work in progress

Today I am 28. I am and I will always be a work in progress. I continue to aim to be my best self. I aim not for perfection, but rather, to extend myself as far as I can go, as high as I can be, and give the most of myself without losing myself.

Success is the journey, not the destination. This is how I defined success when my boss asked casually one day. Success is not a target that we keep striving for from a distance. Rather, we should measure success by how we are able to maximize/optimize each moment/opportunity in terms of what we learn from it, how much happiness it gives us, and how much we are able to contribute through it.

I am a work in progress and I make it a point to keep on learning. I try to learn from everything I can – from experiences, from my interactions with those around me, from news and research, from work, and from self-education through books, readings, modules, etc.

I am a work in progress, especially because I am flawed. But as such, I see my flaws as a great potential to improve on. I cannot magically transform myself into the most polite, appropriate and desirable person in the whole wide universe, but with a greatly improved self-awareness, slowly and carefully I am trying my best to improve my disposition. With every word that roll out of my mouth and every thought that occupy my mind, I try to be a person better than the one I was before.

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