Boracay – Rain or shine


I’ve been to Boracay three times – twice this year and once two years ago. Each of my trip there is a different story. During my first trip to Boracay, I caught a sun-shiny weather. On my second trip last February, weather was cloudy. During my trip last weekend, it was raining nonstop.

Rain or Shine
Boracay is beautiful rain or shine. Of course, I’d love the shine more than the rain – it gives me more time to work on my tan. Also, the sea is much calmer, and there are a lot more activities to do when it’s not pouring. You can go island hopping and do other water sports activities.

I’ve also seen it all wet from last weekend’s storm. I also had fun despite the storm. I was still able to get my hair braided, get a henna tattoo, swim a little bit in the beach despite the strong waves, and eat around. It’s okay even if its raining, as long as you’re ready to wade in ankle-deep water in D’Mall, and have a parka or an umbrella to keep your upper body dry. The wind can also be a bit harsh at times.

Station 1, Station 2, or Station 3
Personally, I would always choose Station 1 over other areas because it is the most beautiful part of the white beach in Boracay. I am a sun, sand, and sea person, just put me in front of a good beach and I’ll be okay. However, Station 1 is so far away from D’Mall, where most of the activities are happening. It can be a tiring walk from Station 1 to D’Mall. If you like to party and or shop in Boracay, better to be in Station 2 where D’Mall is. Also, Station 1 accommodations tend to be more expensive than those in Station 2 and Station 3. I’ve never stayed in Station 3 before though, so I can’t comment on that location.

Again, I would always choose a beach-front location because I am in love with the beach. It’s also more expensive though. Sometimes you get to find cheaper beach-front accommodations, but the rooms are minimal in terms of facilities and size. But if it’s beach-front, you can always stay outdoor on the beach, so I’m good with it.

Last weekend we stayed at non-beach-front accommodations in Station 2. Everything was just outside our accommodations – restaurants, stores, bars, convenience stores, etc. Although it’s a bit of a walk amidst these establishments before you get to the actual beach. And of course, you don’t get to have your own lounge chair at the beach front. But somehow it was an advantage to be in the area during a stormy weather. It was much easier to get to the things we needed even when it was raining.

Three to Five Days
I was able to stay three days the longest on any of my trips to Boracay. I think this is enough, although would be wonderful to stay longer, say, five days if one has the time and resources. There are a lot of things that one can do there, and I have not yet explored all of these activities yet. There was one time I only got to spend overnight in Boracay and found it too short, because it just wasn’t enough time to properly enjoy the place. I would say three to five days would be great. Any more than five days and it may be a bit boring, or maybe too expensive for a single trip already.

I will definitely go back to Boracay, maybe next year. Anyone want to join me? :p

2 thoughts on “Boracay – Rain or shine

    1. Yap, Jonah’s milkshakes are great. Also the chori-burger and the bbq and isaw on the side.
      Btw, have you tried the calamansi muffins at Real Coffee? 🙂

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