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I’m not sure how many people out there are already hooked to all these online deals going around. Have you ever tried them? Have you ever bought and used any of these many vouchers for food, items, travel, and salon services?

I have been a bit hooked for quite some time now. I started with one spa voucher that was almost 70% off the original price. Since then I’ve bought other spa vouchers, food vouchers, and even a 3-month unlimited gym subscription at one point. I was able to use most of them, but forfeited one or two. I now have a number of these different websites on my browser bookmarks, which I visit during spare time.

There are certain qualifications for deals that I look for before I make a purchase. First, the store or facility involved should not be out of the way from my typical daily route. However great a deal I find, I wouldn’t purchase it if I need to go out of my way to redeem it. Second, I only consider items or services that I really want or need.

So far, I have not yet encountered any bad experience from purchasing these vouchers online. I have even found some good places nearby from these deals. In a way, these online deals are a good way for new or relatively hidden companies to attract new customers. They may also be able to retain them as repeat customers if they do provide good service.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard from other people that sometimes some of these deals provide products or service at a much lower quality than what was advertised or promised. I’ve also encountered once with a certain item that was advertised as “discounted at 50% off” but the price was actually higher than when I saw the same item at the actual store. In a way, some of these deals are deceiving. It really is a challenge to be able to go through all these deal websites and get the best offers and not get trapped into spending and wasting money on unnecessary and worthless deals.

Here are two places I discovered because of these deals:

And here are the deal sites I often:

How about you? What are your experiences with these online deals? Would love to hear your own tips and advice. 🙂

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