Conviction – an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence

A big part of what I am and who I am are because of my convictions. My convictions is NOT about what I think is ABSOLUTELY WRONG or ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, although perhaps as a child it started like that. As I grew up, I realized that a lot of things can be bent, justified, and, at the farthest end, violated. I didn’t want to believe in things because of things external to me – a religion, a culture, or other people. The problem with that is once you have lost faith in your religion, the society, or other people around you, it’s so easy to rebel and turn your back on the beliefs that they have imposed on you.

I formed my beliefs and my convictions based on how I know myself, and what I consider to be right or wrong based on the most possible ultimate outcome of certain things in my life. But I don’t use my convictions to judge other people who believe otherwise. Each individual have the right to believe in whatever they believe in, as well as enjoy or suffer the consequences of their beliefs and their decisions. The same is to myself. A lot of my convictions lie mainly on my instinct for self preservation.

However, I am choosing now to skip from specifically mentioning my convictions. Most people may not believe the way I do, or may not believe the reasons why I believe so. Maybe most people would not believe what I believe in. But I hold on to my beliefs nonetheless. They have so far saved me from the biggest headaches and ginormous problems that would otherwise take me off the road that I intend on taking, and for the future I intend for myself.

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