Sometimes you fall in love

Sometimes you fall in love. Sometimes you almost fall in love. You find yourself overwhelmed by that certain emotion that you thought you knew about, but indeed it’s something that you will never ever understand.

Sometimes you fall in love, and he falls in love with you. It’s an amazing feeling after all those unrequited love you’ve felt, and after all those who have loved you but you have no love for.

Sometimes you fall in love and wish you could scream to the world that you are, but you can’t. You’re not supposed to have that love. You’re not supposed to want that love. You know it’s not what you asked for, not what you need. You have to walk away from it sooner or later, but at that very moment you could only wish that it was yours. The feelings are real. You almost fall in love, but you hold back and keep your heart hidden.

It’s hard to say no, to walk away, but you know you have to. If you don’t, you will never find what you are really looking for. Sometime in the future you will fall in love, and he will fall in love with you, and at the right time, right place, and in the right situation, for the right reason, with the right person, you’ll finally find your prayers answered.

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