It’s Complicated (TM)

Below is a post from my old blog ( from way back January 15, 2009.

I truly could never understand the complications of love. Like, when are things ever right or wrong when it comes to love? Or, how am I ever going to know what true love is?

I’ve been asking the world what true love is, and somehow I’ve had a chance to stare into the eyes of true love. True love is eternal, it surpasses even the most disappointing and heartbreaking moments in one’s life. True love is truly neverending — it persists until the grave. When you come across it, it’s truly bittersweet.

I’ve also discovered that, sometimes, some people don’t necessarily love exclusively. That’s the one thing that I still cannot fully comprehend. But indeed, I’ve seen them around me. It even surpasses what society dictates, yet it is not unique or strange. But it’s still love, nonetheless.

I’ve been in love at least once in my life. And I know how I am — once I love, I never stop loving. Somehow, that’s my definition of true love, it simply never ends. So if you ask me if I still love the person(s) I’ve loved before, I’d say definitely, but probably not exactly in the same way. But if you ask me if I knew if so and so truly loved me, I wouldn’t be so sure. Can that single moment of affection be a manifestation of true love? I’ve forgiven, I’ve moved on, but haven’t exactly come to understand how I can be loved and left by that one person whom I have felt nothing but love for.

This is not a pre-valentine post. It’s not a goodbye or hello post for anyone. I just had to let this all out this very moment, because of so many things going on around me that’s confusing me about this very complicated thing/feeling/emotion called LOVE.

But I have one wish, a lifelong dream… if only I could find that one eternal love that’s meant for me… someday.

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